The Great Northwest: Day 3 – Glacier National Park.

On the third day of our trip, we actually entered a national park; Glacier National Park, to be precise. I have to admit, I did not rise and shine. It was (what I considered to be) the first day of my vacation and that does mean sleeping in a little bit. Nick was up in arms about getting parking for some of the trails we wanted to hit but I was all, “it’ll be fine, we’ll make it there by the time the first wave is leaving.” I’ll save you the anticipation. He was totally right, and my theory was incredibly wrong. Who knew parking was its own sport at Glacier?

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The Great Northwest: Day 2 – Cherries and Berries.

How am I doing? We’re on Day 5 of our trip and I’m about to type up Day 2 and maybe Day 3, but no pressure. Day 2 was a big ‘ole driving day which I didn’t think would be that exciting but of course it was eventful because any day with me is. For breakfast we went to the restaurant inside of the Arctic Club. Nick had the corned beef hash, per usual and I ordered the breakfast burrito. When our food arrived, the burrito was the size of rolled up shirt that would be eligible for shooting into a sports team’s fanbase. I managed to eat two-thirds of it before raising the white flag. We called valet for our vehicle and hit the road.

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The Great Northwest: Day 1 – Pearls and Legs.

As day two of our Northwest adventure comes to a conclusion, I’m trying to convince myself to write everything down right now. In the past I’ve vowed to document whole trips at their conclusion but then life happens and precious details are lost until I’m daydreaming or something sparks the memory.

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Travel Warrior: The Fun Never Ends.

Now, where was I? What did I last post about? Something about my favorite TV shows? Yeesh. Katie. Of everything in the world, I chose to share such intriguing, intimate details such as the TV shows I indulge in. When did I get so interesting?!?

The past few months have been a whirlwind of traveling. The end of April was LA to San Francisco to Sonoma Valley. The following weekend was a wedding in Chicago. The following weekend was a surprise birthday trip for me to Oklahoma City (where my best bitch lives with her husband and Baby A.) The weekend after my birthday weekend, a darling friend from Cleveland spent Memorial Day weekend with me in Nashville. I had a two weekend reprieve before a Bachelorette Trip to Ft. Lauderdale (spoiler alert: I can still hang.) (Spoiler to the spoiler: After “still hanging,” it takes me about a week to recover.) After my trip to Florida, I had one weekend back home in Nashville – yes, it’s finally home! We headed up to the lake house in Illinois for a long Fourth of July weekend, which brings me to now.

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