Then and Now: A Glimpse into 2004.

December 7, 2004

An Introduction. Don’t worry, this isn’t a life story. I just think it’s only fair to give you some background. It’s hard to decide what to write though. Lately I’ve been focusing on the present and who I’m trying to become. Being stuck on my past mistakes, and my old life has been getting me no where. For that reason, I won’t introduce myself with my past or who I’ve been for that matter.

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My Catharsis.

How to lose yourself.

I’m pontificating on how I seem to have lost myself over the past few months. Moving is hard. But sure, everybody knows that. By August of 2014, I thought I could handle anything. I had tackled moving where I lived, five times in the past four years. I had finally gotten my health/weight into check. I survived a strenuous graduate school summer session where I worked full time and had class Monday through Thursday until ten at night. I persevered through selling our condo while I was still in school and working and managed to help pack us up and move into my Gram’s house for the remainder of our time in Cleveland. How hard, after all of that, could living in Nashville actually be?

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