Life Update and The Black Cloud Hypothesis.

Tippity type type the boggity chicken.

Sometimes when it’s rainy out, but not necessarily dreary in your mind, you want to listen to melodies from musicals and ponder life.

The Factions of My Life As Baseball Metaphors

In regard to graduate school, I’m up to bat with two on base and we’re down by two. If I can just step up to the plate and hit a homerun this time around – I’m guaranteed to be walked the next time I’m up to bat.

When it comes to wedding planning, I just bumped up to the majors straight from Class A. I made it to first and have a strong lead-off.

In my career, over the last year I’ve made a transition from first base to right field. I’ve been in a constant state of learning and training on a new skill set. I’ve been challenged. There’s also the emotional growth of rediscovering how it feels to not be awesome and flawless at what you’re doing. All the while knowing this is a big step to becoming a valuable player.

I’d like to note that this illustration is COMPLETELY unrelated to my baseball metaphors but I absolutely love and this is wonderful.

What Can Be Controlled

Yesterday, my car died. I’m still not entirely sure why. I had just arrived at school for accounting and was sitting in my car, idling, getting my school materials together and then my car started shaking and then stalled out. Flabbergasted. I then tried to start my car and it would crank but not turn on. Blasted. I placed a call to AAA and went to class.

I didn’t really know what would happen next, my better half was on a business trip and I was out of transportation. Keeping my calm, I looked up dealers in the area and found one that was still open and filled out the paperwork for a loaner over the phone on our (the tow truck driver’s and I’s) way there. We made it minutes before closing and all was well in the world despite the ceaseless rain.

The whole situation inspired me to tweet something:

I’m sure it’s a famous quote from about a thousand people. I’m going to guess this one originates from Buddha. Stab in the dark. I have to admit though; I don’t think my ensemble of peace and control comes from a deep understanding of those words I disseminated across social media. Whenever I’ve feeling ornery, a line of my Dad’s streams through my head – something he would say when we were bellyaching:

“Quit your whining or I’ll give you something to whine about.”

This is my ultimate reminder to be in control of myself, my emotions, my actions. For if I do not take control, someone, some other force at be, will. This is key to not becoming a black-cloud being.

Black-cloud beings are people “followed around” by black clouds. Somehow, everything bad always happens to them. The dog eats their homework, then the bus leaves without them, then they’re sold expired milk, then someone forgets to meet them for dinner. Then, then, then. Listen to the black-cloud people talk, you may notice a pattern. All of this bad stuff happens to them.

They choose to be the victims in the stories of their lives. Sure, we can’t all be the hero, but we can at least be a lovable, imperfect character who is trying to take control of their destiny. Don’t leave your homework somewhere the dog can get it, get to the bus stop early – bring the book you claim you don’t have time to read, check what you buy, and call your dinner date during the day to double-check you’re still on. By not choosing to quit your whining, the universe will continue to give you something to whine about.

Thanks, Dad.

Disclaimer: Insert something here about how good it feels to vent and talk out your feelings. This is different than walking around constantly like a beaten puppy or overreacting to life’s speedbumps.  

If You Give a Katie a Tub of Coconut Oil.

If you give a Katie a tub of coconut oil, she’s going to try oil pulling.

Then she’ll want to brush her teeth with natural toothpaste.

Before she gets in the shower, she’ll want to try dry brushing.

Once she’s in the shower, she may even swap out her face wash, shampoo, and body wash for more natural options.

She may even want to stop using shampoo all together.

After the shower she will want to roll-on natural deodorant and dab rose water on her face as toner.

The, to start her day, she want a cup of hot water, she’s going to want to put a wedge of lemon in it, and some turmeric and perhaps some cayenne. Heck, you might as well just give her a hot turmeric tea.

She’ll need 100 oz of water after that to make her 100 oz of a water a day, goal.


Strangely, this is a just a sample of the weird hippie things going on in my life in the background of work, graduate school, and wedding planning. I cannot wait to write more about some of these wonderful new developments. I’m not completely jumping the tracks but I am using more common sense when it comes to how I treat my body and what I’m putting in and on it.