The Cheerleader-runner Dilemma.

Happy Post Memorial Day! Happy Wednesday that feels like a Tuesday but is really like a Thursday to me! In case you can’t follow that it means I’m off this Friday! I love when I forget that I have time scheduled off, it’s like a surprise vacation for me. I think that’s going to happen a bunch this summer because I have quite a few big events and I’m trying to take them one at a time. I won’t always get that luxury. Sometimes they’ll be two at a time. Like this past weekend, I had my little sister’s 21st and my best friend’s bridal shower. More on these later but let me tell you that I rocked the games at the bridal shower (if I do say so myself).


Bridal Shower sneak peak- Photo c/o Amanda's awesome cousin!
Bridal Shower sneak peak- Photo c/o Amanda’s awesome cousin!

Fitness is on the brain though (besides packing, food, and all of the other randomness that floats around in my noggin.) I apologize if I’m a little scattered today- I think people would be worried if I ever seriously, solely stuck to one topic. Everything is intermingled, and that’s life, right?

So fitness. Couple of things here. One being the topic of running versus spectating. I recently spectated the Cleveland 10-Miler, I will be running the Rock’n’Roll half marathon in April, and I hybrid watched/faux-ran on Cleveland Marathon Day. I love cheering for runners. Two and a half hours flew by when I was cheering for the 10-mile runners. When I was at mile seven at the Cleveland Marathon, I had butterflies in my stomach while I cheered on the early runners and was waiting for the runners I knew to fly by. When Julie arrived, I ran three miles with her to keep her mind preoccupied and talk her ear off (hopefully not too much!) I was also ready to help her tackle a monster hill that never apparated.

My 10-miler spectator outfit and chair!
My 10-miler spectator outfit and chair!

Some random observations at the Cleveland Marathon:

  • I’m very excited the Rock’n’Roll Half will have lots of bands! I heard one (meager) marching band and was jubilated
  • Cleveland needs a sports bra symposium, I saw a few women running and thought, that can’t be comfortable!
  • I saw one very attractive female runner in a tiny little top and matching tiny little shorts and behind her was a group of men and they were very, er, focused. Hey, whatever it takes to run a freaking marathon.
  • Lots of little kids offering high fives. This is AWESOME. Why did no one ever take me to a marathon to give out high fives when I was little?
  • Best signs ever. They far exceeded my expectations. I thought about taking pictures but decided I wouldn’t possibly forget what they said. I forgot what they said.

Registration for the Cleveland 10k, Half & Full Marathon is up! The question becomes, do I want to run or do I want to spectate? It sounds silly but my birthday is on the day before the races- will I be able to run or will I be wanting to keep the party going on the sidelines? IF the answer to this question is run, the question becomes 10k or half-marathon? A full marathon is completely out of the question. I’m sure I’ll eat my words for this but at the moment, I have no interest in putting my body through that. What’s it going to be?

Speaking of training…the last time I posted I was a week and a half in and I was killing it. I’m happy to say that I absolutely knocked it out of the park last Wednesday but sad to report I dropped the ball since then. The path to recovery is a tough one. I had every intention of not letting a holiday weekend get in the way. The holiday weekend really didn’t, I got in my way. Boyface was not feeling well on Saturday after being the designated drinker with my sister on Friday and I felt hungover by association- probably just from staying up so late. When did I get so old? Oh yeah, last week.

Here’s the past week:

May 22-29

Wednesday- I was supposed to run at race pace for three miles. I’m not even sure what that will be for me. How do I look at a my 5k time and say, without any training, I can run a 30 minute-ish 5k, so in the fall, after twenty weeks of training, I’ll run 13 miles at….? I’m just going with whatever feels comfortable for now. As I start working into my longer runs I hope I’ll have a better idea of what my “race pace” is. Before I even got to the run I went to a yoga class at the new Cleveland Yoga studio is Uptown. It’s right across from the new Chipotle and Mitchell (#fatkiddirections.) I had a free birthday class to use within the week of my birthday and my time was running out! I found a class that looked great and I loved it! It was challenging yet reflective at the same time- not that they can’t be both, I just can normally handle one or the other but this both worked for me. If that makes any sense. When I got home, I still rain the three miles (on the treadmill) and I ran them in 28:44- not too shabby. I was rocking a newly reformed running playlist and watching the Indians (lose.) So Wednesday is darker pink because I went above and beyond.

Post Yoga.
Post Yoga.

Thursday- The beginning of the end. I was supposed to run 3 miles and I didn’t. I got out of work late after a crazy day and spent over an hour at the grocery store in heels and I was pooped when I got home. I just want to watch the season finale of Nashville and eat pasta. So I did.

Friday & Monday were rest days, and I did a great job of following my plan on these days.

Saturday– The five mile run- in shameful strike-through and yucky yellow.  Shame.

Sunday- Cross train- didn’t happen. I was on my feet a lot at the bridal shower though! My yoga today will be the cross training I didn’t do on Sunday 🙂

Tuesday- I was supposed to run 3 miles and I did. This should be sufficient but I was hoping to run the 5 miles I didn’t get to on Saturday. Boyface volunteered to run with me and the moment we got outside yesterday evening we could feel and see the impending storm headed towards us from over the lake. We were being snarky with each other and I went out too fast, I think I was trying to impress him with my new found running badassery but I didn’t take into account I hadn’t run in nearly a week. We went out way too hard for the first mile- completing it in under 8:30. My feet felt like dead weights for the rest of the run and it took awhile to catch my breath. Because of my sad shape and the threatening cumulus nimbus clouds overhead, we only got three miles in and did get a little wet.

Wednesday- Which brings us to today. I will be running 4 miles, at no particular pace, during my lunch and going back to the yoga class. I also have a goal to make it to a running store today to finally get new shoes. I think the last time I had help picking out a running shoe was my sophomore year of high school.

So what should I do for the Cleveland Marathon next year? Run or Spectate? 10k or half? How do you stay on training schedule during a holiday weekend?


Firsts: A Muddle.

Looking for some quick, quirky anecdotes to brighten your holiday weekend Friday? Batter up! Below is just a smattering of some of my “firsts”. When I read Carly’s first at The Pinot Project, I found myself lovingly reminiscing at the thought of my own.

FIRST thing I do in the morning: Hit snooze. I have no idea when the snooze button habit started but it did and I’m SO BAD about it.

FIRST thing I do when I get home from work: Take my work clothes off and change into workout gear/lounging stuff/whatever the event of the night calls for. Love playing dress up for work everyday- hate being in dress clothes after nine hours.

My FIRST kiss: Curt Earich in kindergarten. During the end of the year parade/show.

My FIRST home: The one my parents still live in in sunny Twinsburg, Ohio. Complete with back forty, barn, stairs that creak in the night, and the room I insisted on painting fire engine red (sorry, Mom!)

My FIRST car: The first car that was mine was a 1996 VW Jetta and how I loved her. She was complete with sun roof, CD player, and LED lights under the dash that I poorly installed with a friend. Don’t be jealous.

My FIRST accident traffic violation: I got my license on a Tuesday, I could’ve gotten it on Monday but the DMV in Ohio is not open on Mondays- at least it never used to be. That Friday, three days later, I was in my first accident and received my first ticket. On my way to church on Friday, to babysit for the Widow’s meeting, and it was dark and stormy. When I saw brake lights ahead I slammed on my brakes and slid into the Toyota Highlander in front of me. My mom’s Camry was no match for that and my hood tented and the radiator was pushed in and there I was, in my first accident in Macedonia, OH, on a major road in the middle of rush hour traffic, rain, and in a khaki skort and two braided half-up pigtails.

The FIRST thing I wanted to be when I grew up: One of the classic “cute” childhood stories I have is that I told everybody I wanted to be a role model when I grew up. Obviously I thought this was some type of supermodel. However, I’m much more grateful to have gone the path towards role model than model-model. Though I do have high cheekbones, my stature and fluff would never cut it these days. Also please keep in mind that my cousin declared to want to be a sailboat when he grew up and my Aunt (his mom) wanted to be Amish. In my family, the intentions are there but how we say it is priceless.

FIRST drink of choice: I remember being at a nightclub in Houston, having rubbed off the permanent marker X, and getting bought my first drink- “what do I say? I want to sound like I’m 21?” When the bartender looked at me, on the spot, for my drink of choice, I blurted out “cranberry and vodka” and never looked back. Within just a year it would quickly change to a Jack and Coke, and now to Jack with a splash of Coke, but that terrifying, do or die moment sealed that vodka and cranberry will always have been my first.


FIRST dessert of choice: In an effort to always be difficult, my first dessert love was marbled cake. I still have no idea how it happens.

FIRST choice restaurant: Is this now or the first restaurant I loved? RIght now, my favorite restaurant is Market in Rocky River. If anyone was like, hey, do you feel like going to Market right now? I would drop whatever I was doing and go. I loved brunch there, loved dinner, I just have to have a mildly successful happy hour there to seal the deal now.

FIRST song that comes to mind: Every Morning by Sugar Ray- Even though I didn’t listen to throwback music for the drive in, I’m still humming this song. I’m always in shock that the words are “there’s a heartbreak hanging”. I’m not sure what’s hanging from the corner of his girlfriend’s four-post bed but it does NOT sound like heartbreak.

I never found backs sexy until Mark McGrath did ads for Jansport.
I never found backs sexy until Mark McGrath did ads for Jansport.

FIRST major purchase: There’s two really. One was the macbook I bought with graduation money and on a whim. The first big-big one was my new car in last October. Something about signing loans that makes you feel like a big kid. Debt=adult, somehow?

FIRST job: Concession stand worker at a private swim club when I was 13 or 14. This is where my love affair with slushies and my hatred for scooping ice cream began.

FIRST time I flew: Spring break of my senior year of high school. My girlfriend, Carolyn, and I planned a long weekend to New York City! I had never been to a big city before and we had a blast. The plane ride there was pretty terrifying though because as we were moments from landing the plane unexpectedly pulled back up into the air. The pilot got on the speaker and in that static pilot voice croaned “Uhhh, sorry about that folks, we, uhh, we’re coming into land and someone what taking off towards us, we’re just goign to loop around the city before we come back in.” WHAT?!?! I looked around me and no one was phased. You’re telling me we we just playing CHICKEN in an AIRPLANE and everyone is okay with that?!?!?! After that experience, every other flying experience hasn’t been that bad.

We went here. Source

FIRST “big girl” job: Customer Service Rep at the same company I’m at now. It was a really smart first job for me. I was able to learn the ropes of business, office culture, and politics without the stakes being too high. Somedays I really do miss being so close to the Customer. Funny how you go from having lots of customer interaction with less power to help, to more power to help but less interaction.

What are some of your firsts?

P.s. Have a great holiday weekend! Everyone be safe and make good choices!

Throwback Thursday: Complicated Edition

I’m still getting used to having Spotify Premium. About a month ago I canceled my Birchbox subscription in lieu of getting Spotify Premium. I have a feeling I will listen to music much more often than I’ll use another perfume sample. Premium means, I can, at any moment (given that I have a connection to my 4G network) play a song, or album, or artist I want. This is where it gets, shall we say, Complicated.

In the afternoons I am a very loyal listener of the Alan Cox Show. This might help you understand why I was irrationally excited to meet Erika Lauren from the show last Thursday (see below!) After the audio dump at 4 there’s always a painstaking, almost twenty minutes at times, break from the show. I flipped over to the “new” 102 and Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated” had just started playing. I sang my freaking heart out to it. Then I thought to myself, this album was my JAM in middle school. At that moment, I wanted nothing more than to listen to the whole album. I wondered if I could find it at The Exchange in Lakewood, or find it on Amazon. Then is hit me, I have Spotify! I was able to locate the album and I rocked out to Avril the whole way home.


Fascinated by my new discovery, I have been listening to throwback music for my drive in and back all week. I’ve never felt so out of the loop regarding the news but I’ve also never been so happy. I think the massive amounts of news I listen to every week has really gotten me down. I try to stick to one artist for each drive and I’m rediscovering songs I forgot about and (of course) remembering to add them to my soon-to-be legendary running playlist.

Some of my favorite throwback artists I’ve listened to this week:

  • Sugar Ray
  • Smash Mouth
  • Old School No Doubt (Self-titled Album & Beacon Street Collection)
  • Avril
  • All Saints
  • Smashing Pumpkins

I’m starting to make a list in my head of other bands/artists I want to revisit, some older, some newer. I’ve never been so excited to drive forty minutes to and from work!

On deck:

  • Eve 6
  • The Vines
  • The Strokes
  • Simple Plan
  • 98*
  • Fiona Apple
  • The Cardigans
  • Powerman 5000
  • Josie & The Pussycats Soundtrack
  • Garden State Soundtrack

What is some of your favorite throwback music?   

The Half Marathon: In Progress

I can’t remember the last time I ran over three miles. I surmise it was in high school during track practice. I would get so frustrated at pole vaulting practice and would become a tense, hard-on-myself wreck. “Go run” my coach would say, and point to the cross country trail and I would put on my headphones and go. I would run until I felt clarity, peace, and calmness. On some days, that was a mile, on others, I’m sure it was five or more. When I finally starting running again this spring I was completely winded after a single mile. This weekend, I ran over three miles, twice.

Part 1: Half marathon training.

I almost posted about my half marathon training last week but I was nervous to write about something I hadn’t done yet. What if it was too hard? After a week and some, I can happily say it’s not too hard yet and I can really feel a strong running base growing. I’m also really keeping track of it. Just like I would if I were working on my budget or calories. DailyMile is fun and I’ve made a training plan spreadsheet in excel. Dorky? A bit. Effective? Yes. I love color coding.

Here’s my whole training plan:

Whole half training plan

I’m hoping this will help me with the whole- if you can’t do it, reschedule it. This is giving me some foresight into my training and when I’m making plans, this is a priority to consult and adjust. It’s pretty self explanatory. Sundays are cross-training. Mondays and Fridays are rest. Tuesday and Thursday are always three miles. Wednesdays gradually grow in mileage and include running at race pace once every other week. Saturdays are the long runs. With all of my travel this summer, the long runs, the day to skip the least, will be my hardest to consistently achieve. I am looking forward to changes of scenery though! You might be looking at this and be like, “uhhhh, Katie, you got up to Week 9 and then started back over at 1, there are more numbers than that…” I know, and I’m sorry for any confusion. I’m basing this off of a Hal Higdon 12-week plan and I have much more than 12 weeks until race day. Instead of putting off my training for 9 more weeks, I’m going to do 9 weeks of it, cap it off with what will hopefully be my best 5k ever, and restart the training.

My week (and a half):

May 12-21

I didn’t cross-train the first Sunday, or did I? I really couldn’t remember and I felt like the training week begins on Monday, well, Tuesday, but I did a good job of resting on Monday.

Tuesday– I ran a baller sub-30 three miles on the dreadmill on Tuesday, who am I kidding, I love the treadmill. I especially love it when I’m listening to a new running playlist and watching the Indian’s game on mute.

Wednesday– Fail boat. I volunteered at the Silver Spoon Awards, and while I was on my feet in 6-inch wedges for hours, I did not run three miles. I was planning to do it in the a.m. before work, but let’s be honest. I’m not waking up any early than 5 a.m. at this point.

Thursday– I tried to run four files to at least make up for one of the miles I didn’t run on Wednesday. I came up with 3.5. I was having some technical difficulties. I still haven’t found a gps running phone program that works for me. I’m starting to think it’s my phone. MapMyRun told me I ran out into Lake Erie and back in. I’m good, but I’m not that good. No triathlon training for this girl.

Saturday- was a post birthday four miles in Hudson and it was a gorgeous morning! We even stopped to look at potato bugs, which Boyface calls roly pollies. I conferred with Julie about this and she says roly pollie. Is this one of those things that’s just me again? We ran a little over four miles and I felt good about it. There were a few hills and they were not fun, I head the RnR Half course is pretty hilly, so I’ve got some work to do there.

Sunday- I did a big switcheroo with my training for the beginning of this week. I moved Tueday’s 3-miles to Sunday, Monday’s rest day to Tuesday, and Sunday’s cross training to Monday. On Sunday I ran a little over three miles with Julie during her amazing race-record race on Sunday! More to come on the marathon….

Monday- I went to yoga with Lauren at Vision Yoga in Ohio City for some Open Flow. Caressa was the teacher and I absolutely adored her. I was in the front row for a class I had never been to but I felt very comfortable. All levels of yoginess were represented in the class. The windows were open and we could here a rowdy crowd at Nano Brew toasting and laughing. I actually really liked that, it helped me find a place of happiness while getting my stretch on.

Tuesday- REST. I went to the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame for my FIRST TIME EVER. There was a Rolling Stones Exhibition Opening Party and Lauren spoiled me and took me as her date. More to come on that too. But for now, I’ll leave you with this awesome picture:

Photo courtesy of my hot date, Lauren!  

Part 2 will be my Cleveland Marathon thoughts, but I’ve run out of steam just thinking about my half marathon training! Stay tuned.

What are some of your favorite running tunes? Do you work out in the morning, after work, or after dinner?

A Very Birthday Weekend.

My birthday weekend in a word? Lovely. I turned 25 gracefully and without much applause, as it should be. I could feel my car insurance rates lowering in the background and I feel newly empowered, finally being able to rent a car.

Truthfully, we celebrated for a hot minute on Mother’s Day when I was presented my favorite type of birthday cake ever, a rhubarb pie. My favorite quote of the day came when talking to my mom about how solely rhubarb pie is the best, none of that strawberry-rhubarb pie crap. “I’m a purist!” she declared. Never would I thought I would hear my mom say those words and not about pie, but it happened. Life is funny like that.

One Friday my department all went out to lunch to celebrate my birthday and my colleague’s whose is a day before mine. I left a little early to get home and pack for our wild night out on the town. And by wild night on the town, I mean spa trip in the ‘burbs. We arrived to Solaire in Hudson a few minutes late because downtown Hudson’s traffic is worse than downtown Cleveland’s. We had our first couples massage and it was the perfect way to set the tone for a low-key but enjoyable weekend. We walked around downtown Hudson, one of my favorite areas, and snuck down to Downtown 140 Wine Bar. I really, really want to come back here for dinner. We each had a drink, I, a gin and soda, him, an old-fashioned. They were both as perfect as perfect can be. We met the new owner Andy and had a good time watching the chefs in the kitchen.

We had reservations for Solaire Wine Bar for dinner but it didn’t really seem like we needed them. The place was nearly empty. Not a great sign for a restaurant but I had heard so many good things about the food there that I was sure this was an exception. My theory is that Friday was the perfect patio night and that’s where everyone was. That’s okay, more cheese for us. We had the cheese and charcuterie platter, a bottle of wine, a goat cheese salad, rack of lamb, and a feta and asparagus stuffed burger between the two of us. Holy feast. After this delectable spread we retired for the evening. There was an Indian’s game wrapping up and sleep to be had. Friday evening’s are tough for me.

Saturday morning, we woke up early and suited up for a run. I was wrapping up the first week of my half marathon training and Saturday called for a four-mile run. I pre-mapped a route on MapMyRun, and we were off. I thought I had mapped us runs down streets with old, gorgeous homes and while we saw a little of this, I also ran us into a senior living development, a cookie cutter 2000-something development, and past the school bus lot. Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week folks. Everyone once in awhile something so good or so bad happens that one us us is either designated to always do something, or never do it again. For example, I always cut the pineapple, I’m an excellent pineapple prepper. Boyface always buys tickets to events, I’m terrible at choosing where to sit. I think I may no longer be choosing running routes.

The highlight of my weekend was lunch with my little sister and her boyfriend. What may be more unbelievable than me turning 25 is her turning 21 this week. Where has my obnoxious little sister gone? When did she turn into such an adult? I was grilled/fried a birthday lunch of kabobs and potato chips. I enjoyed some Blood Orange Mike’s Hard Lemonade- they were delightful. They also surprised me with some cake and ice cream, all while we watched the Indian’s game. Being an active Indian’s fan is really working out for me this year, so far. I was also getting all kinds of puppy love from B.B., my little sister’s puppy.


I was up early on Sunday for marathon festivities. I had coordinated a spot at mile seven with my close friend Julie, from Am I There Yet?, to meet up with her and run with her. I will marathon recap tomorrow, because I have never watched a marathon before and I have A LOT of thoughts about it. I ran a little over three miles with Jules, we chatted about everything and I got to see a lot of really awesome signs. After the run I met up with my better half at Touch for some mimosas and a breakfast sandwich. We briefly went on the Ohio City Home Tour. The extent to which some people restore and decorate their homes is breathtaking! Then we ran home to change for volleyball at Battery Park. It was hot out. The first hot volleyball day of the year is always a tough one, and I had a pretty nasty blister on the bottom of my foot, so I wasn’t all that into it, but the beer tasted great so I excelled in drinking that and watching. I did get in three or so games and we ventured back to the home-base to regroup for the week.

I was almost able to add that I didn’t even have a birthday shot this weekend, but I would be lying. I did have one, very blue, shot of vodka after my birthday dessert on Saturday. This really was a very lovely birthday weekend.

Throwback Thursday: Ke$ha Edition

Once upon a time, many, many years ago, my girlfriend Mica (pronounced Mee-sha) and I both dressed up as Ke$ha for a “Twin Party” we never made it to. In honor of getting my tickets to see Ke$ha in Cleveland this August- I bring to you a very Ke$ha Throwback Thursday. It’s crazy to think the last time I saw her she was the opening act for Owl City at the peak of their “Fireflies” single- they just grow up so fast.


Underarm Waxing: Is it just me?

This post is going to be about exactly what it sounds like. Underarm waxing is not a metaphor for something else going on in my life. This involves me, armpit waxing, and finding out that I might be the only person in the world that’s heard of it or done it. Okay, that’s a little dramatic, but seriously.

One my favorite, awkward feelings is when you figure out you’re unique in something you always thought happened to everyone else. I have a few really off the wall examples but they’re too weird, and just for the sake of explanation I’ll use a generic example. Imagine you go to the dentist and are chastised for not brushing your back molars enough. The dental assistant explains to you that you actually need to close your mouth to brush your teeth. WHAT?! From the creators of “open wide” now featuring “close your mouth a little”. My mind was blown, who knew that my puffy, chipmunk cheeks were getting in the way the whole time! After the appointment I explained this to a few other people, someone at work, my boyfran, and a girlfriend. The unanimous reaction was “umm, yeah, you haven’t been doing that?” “I’ve known that my whole life.” Great. So I was the only person in the world who didn’t know this but I thought everyone else was in the same boat. It’s a very uncomfortable realization. It’s a realization that begins to happen when one source throws you off with an unexpected reaction. The realization is confirmed by the second, unrelated source, and the third is just insurance that you are, in fact, crazy.

I decided I wanted to wax my armpits this year. The technical “spa term” is underarms. I’m a call-it-as-I-see-it kind of broad, so let’s just say it- armpits. In college I knew someone who waxed her pits each spring and had fancy blue hard wax and so that’s what we did. I’ve never really been a spa or girly person so I just assumed this was normal. I like it- the perfect way to celebrate bikini season without waxing any below the waist. Though I’ve debated leg waxing, I’m passing for now. Once every couple years I would try to use Nair and every time I would break out in a rash. My sensitive skin is so much fun sometimes.

I haven’t indulged in the armpit waxing since college, who has time for that? Truthfully, how much time does it really take to just shave? What’s the cost/benefit analysis? The analysis scale tipped this year because as I’m working out more consistently  and training for a half-marathon (ah!) I have more good reasons. I sweat glow less and it’s less irritating for my darling sensitive skin. After deciding to go the wax route with my pits, I made my first mistake. I decided this would be something I did at home. That’s how we did it in college, right? After a gooey, not fun, sticky, hot mess over the weekend, I escaped unscathed and vowed not to let waxing be a DIY project for me ever again. I spent the rest of sunday browsing for a startifacts epilator, yes I caved.

On Monday, I had some lunch plans with a girlfriend at work that were cancelled. How convenient, I thought, as I dialed the number to a salon near work that offered an employee discount. They had an opening at 1 p.m. and I was good to go. “Just underarms?” they asked. “Yep.” I said. I was a little nervous because like I said, I’m not a spa girl. I don’t know the nuances of what you keep on or take off, etc. When I told my girlfriend I was going to use the freed time to go do this, she told me she had never heard of doing this before. I was baffled. This girl is girly. She does spa weekends. She should own stock in Tory Burch. And she’s never heard of the armpit waxing I’m about to get. Source 1.

The waxing went incredibly well. The waxer (probably not the official title) was easy going and fun to talk to. This way key because she would just casually rip the hair out and then pat the area and it was as entirely- just as I remember it from college.

There are two kinds of people in the worlds- pickers and non-pickers. If you’re a “picker” you probably know exactly what I’m talking about before I have to explain it. These are the people that enjoy popping pimples and plucking hairs and feel elated when they get a good one, either clearing out the pore or removing the entirety of a dark root. What I’m trying to say here is that waxing is like a using a pore strip times 100.

As I’m leaving and paying the receptionist, she exclaims, “when I saw this on the schedule this morning, I thought, I wonder what that feels like?!” She said it in such a way that I believed she hadn’t seen this before. If a receptionist at a spa is surprised to think about armpit waxing, then maybe this is another strange, one-off thing I do! She was source 2. Either way, my pits are smooth as baby’s bottom and I’m ready for bathing suit season.

In a semi-related note, my half marathon training plan started yesterday and I was scheduled for a three-mile run. I didn’t wake up early enough to do it and forgot my workout stuff for lunch. I had a happy hour with one of my best friends after work and feared the worst, I would miss my first day of training, how un-auspicious of me! On my way home from the happy hour, after a pint of peanut butter cup coffee beer and trying the macaroni and cheese pizza, I got pumped up. I got home, cleaned the place for a hot second and then put on my running gear and went to the fitness center. I wasn’t sure when it would get dark out but I didn’t want to risk it. I watched the Indians game while listening to my new running playlist, it’s called “as fast as you can.” I crushed my three miles in 27:45. I can tell that all of the running I did last week has really helped. It’s the little things.

Is there anything you just assumed everyone experienced only to find out you are unique in it?