Toys for Shots- A Christmas Story

Despite what the weather is telling us, Cleveland is in the midst of winter. With this blustery season has come Great Lakes Christmas Ale, Snow Days at the Jake (I mean…Progressive), and holiday parties. The first two on my Christmas list are well known and widely a tradition among good Clevelanders…but let me be the first to tell you about a new must in my holiday calendar- the annual Toys for Shots Fundraiser.

On Saturday, December 10th, the 4th annual party was held! The history of the event is heart warming, what started as a group of friends meeting at a bar to collect a few toys as an excuse to get together and drink has turned into a nearly 300 person event with two cash bars, a DJ, amazing fare, and excited raffle baskets at Windows on the River.

How does it work? Simply. Show up, (better yet, RSVP ahead of time and receive a free raffle ticket,) bring in a toy or $10 and you’ll receive two drink tickets (one for a beer, one for a shot) and are automatically entered in the door prize drawing! Seeing all of the toys pile up under the decorated tress and in the Toys for Tots boxes was amazing. Later in the evening the Marines, who are there all night helping collect toys, say a few words and it is easy to see how such a fun party can make a big difference in the lives of little kids in Cleveland too!

There are so many enticing details about this night, you will really have to come see it yourself…but until then, I have a few to “tide” you over.

  • I love any excuse to dress up, look classy, and shake it on the dance floor. With truly a variety of good music people of all ages were boogieing! They even played the “Bootie Call” dance, not sure what that is- but everyone looked great doing it!
  • The free food! Everything was delicious, I’ll put a picture below. I remember spring rolls to die for, cheese & crackers, and fresh fruit.
  • Tons and tons of baskets being raffled off. Everything from autographed Browns helmets, Adobe Software, salon packages, and the list goes on.

One part of the event I simply cannot bullet point was the dessert. Provided for all of the party goers was a gracious selection of cheesecake and homemade cannolis.  I limited myself (for some insane reason) to trying the peanut butter cheesecake and a couple cannolis. The peanut butter cheesecake was rich and creamy enough to indulge in, with a perfect crumbly, made from scratch, peanut butter cookie on top. The cannolis were divine, after working for years at a mom and pop Italian restaurant, my passion for sweets lies in treats from the boot. If the desserts sound too good to wait for next year’s Toys for Shots party, you don’t have to! I’ll put the caterer’s information up- he’s a cheesecake master!

If you’d like more information (duh) here’s the website:

Toys for Shots! 

Also- don’t forget to check out the wicked pictures 🙂 Hope to see you in some of these next year!

Who's ready to get their party on?
Checking in- two tickets to party town!
Yours truly, in my sequin dress! Ei!
All of the festive and hardworking volunteers!
Just a taste of the best raffle prize baskets!
The delicious food!
The guests of the evening
Everyone getting good use out of the dance floor!