This Week’s Favorites: Raindrops on Roses.

A few favorite things from this week:

Reena’s “Saturday Mornings” Playlist: It is possible to assemble IKEA furniture with you spouse and have go simply and smoothly. Quickly may never be in the picture. I think one of the reasons this has yet to incite a riot in our household is because we set the stage with wonderful and calming music. That’s where this playlist comes in. It’s like staying in one place but letting your ears go on vacation.

Lucie’s List: I am easily overwhelmed when it comes to baby websites and baby gear. This is one site (and newsletter) that I look forward to reading. It just feels less judgy to me and more like my wonderful friends who are like, “here’s what I think, but seriously, do what feels right for you.”

My cat throwing up right where I want her to: But really. Last night, Emily Kitty started heaving – poor thing, she’s shedding her winter coat and not letting us brush her! So, she’s heaving. I picked her up and put her on the bedroom floor, and in the dark I found a balled up dirty t-shirt and haphazardly tossed it in front of her. Could not have been more than eight inches in diameter. She yakked her hairball right onto it and nowhere else! This cat is amazing.

Installing the bidet: Ever since our first dinner at Trentina, I have wanted my own bidet. I have eliminated paper waste (towels and napkins) from our kitchen, so it feels in line to minimize our TP consumption too. Plus – mini-undercarriage showers are grossly underrated. The seat arrived on Sunday and on Monday I decided to install this thing myself. It took three tries, way more hours that I’m willing to admit, and some awkward body positioning that my belly was not loving – but I did it! I’m plumber now.

30 Rock: Just finished re-watching this show and it has only become better with time. It was bittersweet to watch the episodes regarding the 2012 election and the themes of money vs. humanity. I also enjoyed Liz’s dilemma about having kids on a whole new level. I need more light hearted shows in my life. I don’t think I have really found one since Parks & Rec. Maybe I’ll rewatch that next?

Three times a week: Or once a month.

If a pregnant woman blogs, does that make her a mommy-blogger?

I hesitate to write because I am so full of excuses. Time passes regardless. Whether I document my human experience are not. It’s quite cruel.

As someone who never imagined themselves having a child for so long, I find it difficult to admit how smitten and happily inundated I am with this whole situation. The idea of creating a tiny amalgamation of Nick and I is absolutely charming. To have someone else to follow around the house will be a huge relief to Nick and our cat. As someone who has struggled with body image, I have found strength in adoring my inflating abdomen.

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The Halfway Point: Havinababyitsaboy

Over halfway through my pregnancy and Little Baby Mesha is the size of an endive, a pomegranate, a least weasel, or a bottle of Jagermeister, depending on which gas station he’s leaving. Just kidding; it’s depending on whatever app or baby Pinterest board you check. Continue reading “The Halfway Point: Havinababyitsaboy”

My pregnancy is not a performance: Act I

Being pregnant is complicated. Being anything is complicated. I never thought about being pregnant. Not even a little. I thought about what it would be like to be a parent, what it would be like to not be a parent. I have spent a majority of my life envisioning myself as never having children. Much less being pregnant. If I wanted kids, I would need to be pregnant. If I didn’t want kids, I did not get experience pregnancy. Relatively simple.

Honestly, it is incredibly difficult for me to even write about being pregnant. I struggle with it from so many different perspectives. The first of which being my belief that my pregnancy is not a performance. Continue reading “My pregnancy is not a performance: Act I”

The Mesha Christmas Letter: 2016

Hard to believe another year is in the books, but here we are! The Mesha family had quite the 2016; in like a lamb, out like a lion! That’s how it goes, am I right?! In case you’re wondering – yes, this is our VERY FIRST Christmas letter. With so much going on, we couldn’t find the time or words to get a card together and in the mail this year – hope this will suffice! Continue reading “The Mesha Christmas Letter: 2016”

The Move: Decima & Meditation.

Our last night in Chicago is upon us earlier than anticipated. I don’t even live in Chicago yet and the weather is already dictating my life. Winter storm “Decima” is approaching, and in a (futile) attempt to beat the storm to Chicago, we are leaving tomorrow (Thursday) instead of Friday. Most everything was packed anyway – but it just adds an extra sense of “oh shit!”. It feels odd to basically be camping in our own condo. Doubly odd that we’re not moving everything, not yet. We will keep the condo staged until it sells, so our bed, couch, larger furniture and lights, are not coming with. Continue reading “The Move: Decima & Meditation.”

What’s Left: Tennis Shoes and Chunky Ankle Boots.

Some days, I’m more frustrated with the world, than others. The desire to control the lives of others is a phenomena which continues to baffle me. It must come from a place of ignorance or fear, or both.

I would venture to guess we are 85% packed. Now I am simply biding my time until next Friday, when we pack the U HAUL and take our places in the circle of life as Chicagoans.

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