I Love You a Lot: Field notes of the day.

After we finished baking cookies today (two days after the dough was made) H, of his own volition, hugged me and said, “I love you a lot.” It’s a big day. Normally, his idea of affection is kicking me in the ribs. We all have different ways of expressing ourselves.

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Nonsense: As is everything.

I don’t know anyone who had a spectacular day. The sample size is not statistically significant. I can speak for myself, staring down the barrel, of at least another month, of this is daunting. No matter how reasonable or expected it is. At one point H crawled under the dining room table during dinner and said, “I need to take a little break, leave me alone.” Same, little dude, same. Continue reading “Nonsense: As is everything.”

It’s True: I don’t want future me to hate now me.

If I didn’t at least feign an attempt at documenting whatever this is, I would be disappointed in myself, at the very least. I even almost kept a multi-day log of an amazing trip out west. Almost.

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A Lesson from the Universe: Stop Worrying.

Hello Universe. Yes, I can hear you. You’re coming in clearly, I assure you. The message? It is not worthwhile for me to linger or languish in my fears and worries. Why? Because you will make me face them, over and over and over again (like the world’s worst groundhog day), until I accept my anxiety is far more harmful than what I worry about. Continue reading “A Lesson from the Universe: Stop Worrying.”

January Reflection: An abundance of habits.

I aspired to incorporate so many wonderful habits into my life in January, perhaps too many. With February’s arrival also comes a chance for reflection and inevitable adjustment. Let’s review:  Continue reading “January Reflection: An abundance of habits.”